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Intelligent Telecommunications Limited

Evolving the UK’s broadband capabilities

Type: Majority Buyout
Sector: TMT

The ever-increasing volume and rate of data consumption in the UK, has led to an unprecedented demand for fibre installation services, vital as broadband technology evolves. With fibre penetration in the country being amongst the lowest in Europe, and with strong public sector support for fibre roll-out programmes, UK fibre services companies have an unprecedented opportunity for growth.

In 2019, Kingsley completed the majority purchase of fibre services company, Intelligent Telecommunications Ltd (ITL). Since then, KCP has worked with management to institutionalise the business significantly, installing new board and team members, implementing stronger corporate governance, and tightening financial controls. Since then, ITL has secured a number of new key customers and is one of the fastest growing fibre operators in the UK.

If you would like to know more about our work with Intelligent Telecommunications Ltd, please contact us.