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Understanding challenges.
Providing insight.
Driving growth.

We have particular expertise in Consumer and Retail, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Industrial and Business Services, and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT). Our experience and network across these industries enables us to spot emerging trends, understand sector niches, and uncover new opportunities that accelerate growth.

Consumer and Retail

The diverse consumer and retail sector presents many opportunities for growth. We have led investments across a variety of categories, from food production to luxury floristry, all with a common focus: to discover how businesses can capitalise on their unique character and transform from niche supplier into leading brands. By creating strong management incentives, aligned with a shared vision and solid strategic position, we catalyst moves into new sales channels and markets, in order to secure long term growth and value.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare advances at an incredible rate, through continual developments in medical products, treatments and services. Using our knowledge of the demographic, socioeconomic, technological and scientific landscapes, we are able to identify investments that help drive innovation across the sector and address existing supply/demand gaps.

Industrial and Business Services

Successful performance across the industrial and business services sector, is closely aligned with key macroeconomic factors. Though our understanding of the forces that drive this industry, we are able to identify businesses whose models are competitive, resilient, and agile enough to respond positively to both the opportunities and challenges which the sector presents.

Technology, Media and
Telecommunications (TMT)

The fast-moving TMT landscape provides businesses in this sector with excellent secular growth prospects but also challenges to maintain innovation. By focusing on emerging technology trends, rapidly evolving channels, and changing customer dynamics, we can quickly identify opportunities that help businesses reach the next level and enable them to respond to unmet needs. Kingsley has experience investing across a wide range of areas of TMT, from data services to infrastructure, and telecommunications and networks.