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Equinox International

Meeting demand for medical cannabis products in a brand new market




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Equinox is a healthcare business, with a government licence to cultivate medical cannabis in the UK for sale to patients and clinics


  • The global cannabis market is forecast to reach over $100 billion by 2030
  • Initially led by North America, legislation initiatives are now passing across Europe and the rest of the world. This provides an opportunity to develop in a newly created industry
  • Kingsley cofounded Equinox International in 2018 to address the demand for medical cannabis. Kingsley plays a central role in the business, providing capital, guidance and operational support
  • Equinox operates solely in federally legal markets, with a Home Office Schedule 1 licence to cultivate medical cannabis at scale in the UK
  • Equinox's medical cannabis brand, "OXON" retails CBD and cannabis accessories across multiple outlets
  • Kingsley also founded the "End Our Pain" lobbying campaign, a key driver in the passing of UK cannabis legislation in 2018

It's great working with the Kingsley team on Equinox. Their business and political network have proved invaluable in opening-up cannabis markets and also helping me grow the company.

Xan Morgan
Cofounder and CEO

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Equinox International

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