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Atlas Tower Group

Atlas Tower Group

Supporting a 5G future




NewCo Establishment



Atlas Tower Group is an independent provider, owner and operator of wireless infrastructure in the UK

Investment Highlights

  • Kingsley conceptualised and created Atlas using its experience in the telecoms sector, establishing the business in 2018 alongside family office investors
  • 5G promises to connect people, homes, entertainment services, transport systems, and cities
    across the world, carrying rapidly growing amounts of data across mobile devices
  • Delivering 5G connectivity to consumers requires major wireless network investment in the UK across both new MNO network sites and upgrades to existing sites
  • These dynamics present an opportunity for a new wireless infrastructure business that can
    provide innovative solutions: Atlas Tower Group
  • Having grown and supported Atlas since inception, in 2019 Kingsley secured a £250m investment into the company from a US institution. Kingsley remains a significant shareholder in the business

Kingsley’s expertise has been instrumental in the creation and development of Atlas, helping us to lay the foundations of a strong business. It is a pleasure working with them.

Russ Jeffries

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Atlas Tower Group