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Building a rapid charging network across the UK for electric vehicle owners




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Zapgo is an electric vehicle (“EV”) charge point operator rolling-out high-speed and rapid chargers across the UK in ‘destination locations’ 


  • Kingsley established Zapgo in 2023, noting the unprecedented growth of electric vehicles in the UK as the country transitions towards NetZero
  • This growth is supported by a range of government initiatives, including the 2035 ban on sales of new internal combustion engine vehicles
  • Current charging infrastructure in the UK is inadequate and slow: over £18bn of investment is required for chargers that support the growing number of electric vehicles
  • As battery technology improves, en-route charging will become less important, with EV owners using chargers at the locations they intend spend time at
  • Having created Zapgo, Kingsley partnered with an exceptional management team to develop the company, which focuses on rapid chargers at destinations
  • In 2023, Zapgo raised a £26m investment round, led by Canadian pension fund OPTrust. Kingsley retains a significant stake in the business, with ongoing board representation 

It’s been a real pleasure working with Kingsley to launch Zapgo – their network is impressive. I look forward to working with them going forward, as together we strengthen consumer confidence in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure. 

Steve Leighton

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