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London-based private equity firm, Kingsley Capital Partners (‘Kingsley’), today announces the launch of Equinox International (‘Equinox’), a consumer business retailing craft branded cannabis products to legal markets around the world.

Equinox is a vertically integrated land-to-brand cannabis company with a focus on developing pharmaceutical quality products for a range of purposes and lifestyles. It has been established to ensure the integrity of every step in the manufacturing and supply process, including cultivation and production methods, quality control, regulatory compliance and distribution.

Equinox has already developed a series of licensed cultivation and production facilities, developing unique and registered strains, and will supply its products through a range of owned brands, including flagship brand Mr NICE.  The leadership team are experienced in working closely with governments and local partners to ensure all activities and products meet the highest global standards.

Kingsley chose to co-found Equinox as the global cannabis market is forecast to reach over $100bn by 2030 and, as new markets open up, believes its expertise in the sector gained through early investments made in North America means it is well positioned to provide strategic advice and guidance on how best to meet consumer demand in brand new markets, in an effective and resourceful way.

Neil Mahapatra, co-founder and Managing Partner of Kingsley Capital Partners, said: “By combining our extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry and network with the management team’s diverse business experience of developing market leading innovative projects, we believe Equinox will become a leading global cannabis supplier and a hallmark of quality and standards setting around the world.” 

Xan Morgan, co-founder and CEO of Equinox, said: “Kingsley’s extensive network of institutional connections around the globe has already proved invaluable in identifying and developing international market opportunities and establishing a strong presence for Equinox. Working with governments across Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, we are excited to promote the positive effects of legalised cannabis programmes.”

Kingsley has provided seed funding to Equinox and will play a central role in the business, providing finance, strategic guidance and operational support.

Date posted: 03 January 2018
Article tag: Equinox International Article tag: Kingsley Capital Partners

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